Don’t Miss a HUGE Advertising Opportunity – Get Your Vehicle Wrapped!

Is your company missing a HUGE advertising opportunity by not having a vehicle wrap on its work van (like the one below)? This article will explain why you are missing out.

Many businesses have some sort of work vehicle. If you are in the HVAC industry, you likely have several work vans for your technicians to go out on calls in. Or if you are a restaurant or brewery, you probably have several sales people out and about every day. It seems to me that every day while I am driving through neighborhoods I see at least one work van that has absolutely no advertising on it. These companies are missing a huge advertising opportunity by not having a vehicle wrap.

When your techs go into a neighborhood on a call, having your vehicle wrap sitting outside that house for even 5 minutes is the best form of advertising. You know why? Neighbors talk. If someone’s neighbor see’s your company wrapped vehicle sitting outside they will probably think to themselves “I have been meaning to get my AC unit looked at, maybe I should give them a call!” So what are they going to do as soon as your tech leaves? Walk right on over to their neighbor’s house and ask them f they would recommend your company. Hopefully the answers is yes, and boom, you have another new client!

Vehicle wraps work for you 24/7/365 so it’s a constant target for new customers. Sure, the initial cost may seem like a lot. But in the long run you are paying pennies per view, and you can’t get anywhere close to that using other advertising mediums.
[To learn more about the amount of views your vehicle wrap can get, head over and read our previous blog post on the topic here.]

Another reason to have your vehicle wrapped is because most people see your company as more legitimate if you have your vehicles wrapped. It shows that you care about your image and brand identity. Brand identity is one of the most important aspects of marketing. Keep everything consistent and professional. Having your vehicles wrapped with your logo and services can help solidify your brand identity tremendously.

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