5 Ways to Promote Your Holiday Sales with Print

It’s here.The crazy holiday season has begun. It seems that every year big brands begin advertising their holiday sales earlier and earlier. You can already see Christmas ads on tv and decorations are starting to pop up around Fredericksburg. If you are a small local business, how do you keep up? How do you compete with a big brand and their advertising budget to promote your holiday sales ? Short answer: You Can’t (and you shouldn’t try to). Don’t get discouraged! Just because you don’t have the budget to spend thousands of dollars on a TV commercial doesn’t mean you can’t reach your target market. If you think about it, when is the last time you really watched a commercial anyways? You may have a small advertising budget, but you can make it work!

Here are five ways you can advertise your holiday sales:

Vehicle Wraps

Want to advertise your business year round and add those holiday sales for the season? Get your work vehicle wrapped to promote your business year round and leave some space to add custom deals during the holiday’s and the rest of the year. There are many different ways this can be done. When you meet with your designer, ask them about being able to add/remove certain parts of the wrap to promote your sales. Think about adding sales to your windows, that way they can be added and removed easily and at a cost effective price!

Banners/Banner Stands

Have a 2 for 1 deal or another awesome sale going on for the holidays? Create an eye catching banner design promoting your store and the particular deal you are running. Chances are there are several places you can hang a banner in your area. Look for opportunities on busy streets or venues in the area. Hang a banner inside or outside (or both) of your store to let current customers know the deal is happening. Don’t have a spot to hang a banner, no problem! Get a banner stand. Banner stands are great because you can put them wherever you like in your store and they are easy to move. You can also use them year round, all you have to do is replace the banner to promote each sale or event you are holding.

Window Graphics

Are you in a busy downtown area such as Downtown Fredericksburg? If your store is on a busy street, people are probably walking by all day. Bring some attention to your store with window graphics! These are easy to change throughout the year. Window graphics can be changed to promote any deal you are currently running in your store. The best part? They can be completely customized to add attention grabbing text and colors!

Wall Graphics 

Wall wrap in our office for the holiday's. You can use wall graphics to promote holiday sales.

Wall wrap in our office for the holiday’s

You probably have loyal customers coming through your doors daily to shop year round. Let them know that you are currently running a sale or are going to be running a sale for the holidays. Put up some wall graphics to let them know what the deal is and when it will be running. Talk with your graphic designer about a design that will bring some holiday spirit to your store!

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics offer a unique opportunity to promote sales. They can be installed on the sidewalk outside of your store or in your store. Maybe the sale items are in a certain area of your store. Place a floor graphic advertising the deal right inside the door and use additional floor graphics to direct them straight to the area of the store where the sale items are. If you think about it, most people are staring down at their phones 90% of the time so why not put some ads on the floor since they are already looking down!

The holidays are a crazy time. Between running your business, family trips, holiday dinners and shopping there is so much to do. Take something off your plate and give us a call today to help you promote your business and its sales this holiday season!

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