How to Combine Print & Digital Advertising in 2018


With digital taking over seemingly every aspect of our lives, there are certain companies that should keep including print in their marketing campaigns. Mainly small, local business. Big brands still use print advertising to a certain degree. Take Red Bull for example. Everyone knows Red Bull, but they still have their vehicles wrapped to help build their brand and reach through print.

Small local businesses need to focus their efforts on just that, the local market. So when its easy and cost effective, you should use print advertising along with digital marketing to help build your brand. Think vehicle wraps, postcards, brochures, yard signs, banners and much more.

Let’s look at 5 ways to combine digital and print advertising.

Branding. Let’s say you are re-branding or are just simply trying to ramp up your exposure. You should make sure you have a digital presence (i.e. website, social media, etc.). Combine that digital presence with a vehicle wrap. Let people see your vehicle driving around town! Plus, vehicle wraps are the most cost effective form of advertising. (Check out this post on vehicle wrap views)

Example: We recently updated our logo and are re-branding. So, our first order of business was to re-wrap our truck! Now people will notice us all around Fredericksburg! We also made sure to update our logo on our website as well as all of the Pure Graphix social media sites.

Ford F-150 wrapped with Pure Graphix logo

Pure Graphix Truck Wrap

Discounts. Have a discount for Veteran’s or another specific group? Run Ads on Facebook and other social media pages that target that group. Combine that with postcards and brochures. Put your company logo and services offered along with the discount, then take it to local business where that target market is and ask if you can pass out the postcards or brochures there.

Example: If a company we knew was offering a discount to veterans, we would suggest getting in contact with our friends at Honor Brewing to promote the discount to their clients since they do so much work with and for veterans.

Promotions/Sales. Running a sale that only runs for a short period of time? Send out an email blast to current clients letting them know. Combine that email blast with a banner or banner stand at your store. Banners and banner stands are cheap and easy to replace.

Events. Have an event coming up? Send out an invite through social media and email. Combine that with postcards, banners and other printed handouts to let people know in your community.

Shared Facebook post from Spotsylvania High School Facebook account

Shared Facebook post from Spotsylvania High School Facebook account

Sponsorship. Are you sponsoring a local event or a youth sports team? Use your digital presence such as email, social media and your website to let people know. Combine that with banners and yard signs at the event with your company logo. They are easy to put up and take down at the beginning and end of the event. Also, when you aren’t at the event put the signs up in your store or office. Let people know you are sponsoring it.

Example: We are a sponsor for Spotsylvania High School Athletics, so we put a banner up at their football field and also shared a post on our Twitter and Facebook accounts letting everyone know we are sponsoring the schools athletic program!

The best part about this? All of these options are extremely cost effective. Vehicle wraps may seem like a big cost, but it really isn’t. If you look at the long term cost of as little as $.10 per 1,000 views, that initial cost is nothing!

It’s very important in 2018 to develop a digital presence, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon traditional print advertising. Sending out Direct Mail pieces may not be as effective as they were 5-10 years ago. Postcards can still be effective marketing pieces. Instead of mailing out 1,000 pieces and not knowing who will actually get them, get 1,000 postcards and go pass them out at stores, restaurants or other local businesses that you know your target market will be at. Take our company, Pure Graphix, as an example. Our target market is the trade industry. So we look for companies that have a fleet or an individual vehicle we can wrap. A smart thing for us to do in 2018, and something that we will do, is to go to all of the auto repair shops in the area and ask if we can leave some of our postcards on their counter. Then when companies that have work vehicles come in to get service, hopefully they will see our postcard and pick it up.

Make sure 2018 is the year you get on track with your advertising. Don’t fall behind your competitors because you think advertising is too expensive.

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