Wall and Window Graphics

Wall and Window Graphics


The possibilities with wall and window graphics are endless. Every person can benefit from wall and window graphics from Pure Graphix.

The impression that you make for your customers is important. You usually have about three seconds to catch someone’s eye! Make sure your storefront, car or walls make that right impression! Pure Graphix is here to help!

Here are some examples where wall or window graphics can be used:

  • Lettering on the windows of your car to showcase a business, organization, sports team or in remembrance.
  • Graphics on the walls of your business or organization. Think wallpaper. You can showcase your logo, sales or just a cool design to liven up your space.
  • You can do a wrap on the windows of your storefront! This is a great way to invite potential customers into your store! Again, these can be changed easily. Change them with the season if you prefer! Storefront window graphics can be see-through or not!
  • Wallpaper!!! Easily peal able. There is no damage left on your walls. The best part is you can design whatever you want and wa-la!
  • Ever see those family stick figures on the back of a car? Yep. We can do that!

We have installed many wall graphics and window graphics for our clients in the Fredericksburg and Northern Virginia region. Want to see some examples? Head on over to our recent projects page or our Facebook!