Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Digital Printing refers to methods of printing from a digital-based image directly to a wide variety of media. In our case, we use large-format inkjet and high-volume digital press printers for jobs from digital sources such as PDF’s. Digital Printing allows for print-on-demand services, which allows for our customers to print only what they need instead of having to print large quantities like you see with traditional offset printing methods. Digital Printing also allows for a short turnaround time, as well as modifications to each impression, known as variable data printing.

Here at Pure Graphix, We use both PC and Mac platforms utilizing the most up-to-date software. We work with client-supplied native files or PDF’s. Our data-processing division works extensively with clients to help generate the highest response possible. We keep all digital files on record for immediate retrieval.

Some immediate action guidelines when preparing digital files for submission are:

1) Not producing files on non-standard software programs and using the latest version of software if possible.
2) Sending complete digital files, usually in PDF (portable document format) form. Ensure that all the fonts are included in the PDF or included with the files sent.

Basic page layout and set-up considerations:

1) If you’re unsure about file setup, seek consultation. Digital Impressions has prepress staffing to help with those needs.
2) Use a size that will economically into your ultimate deliverable.
3) Build the files to their actual final sizes and with as single pages with 1/8 inch bleed allowances if necessary.
4) Design multi-page documents with folios or page numbers on inside pages.
5) If the project is to be drilled for binding, show the holes on the master layout if using pagination software.


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