Customized Apparel

Customized Apparel


Pure Graphix loves customized apparel and we are happy to help you come up with a design.

Pure Graphix does custom apparel! We can order, help design and screen print your apparel. This is all done in house so you can check on your orders! Whether you are a sports team, business or organization Pure Graphix is here to help.

There are many benefits of customized apparel:

  • Customized apparel creates ongoing brand awareness. Have a funky color, logo or slogan? Put it on your shirt. People will start to recognize your brand!
  • Good form of advertising at an affordable price.
  • Will your employees get to wear their t-shirts to work? Maybe just on Friday’s? Well this is said to create a better work environment because your employees are more comfortable.
  • Customized apparel can be used for employee motivation. Did your employees meet their sales goal? Let them know you appreciate them with a new shirt!
  • Are you a coach? Customized apparel creates team awareness at games and tournaments. Shirts aren’t just for the players. Let the family wear them! You can also use the shirts as a fundraiser.