5 Ways to Promote Your Holiday Sales with Print

It’s here.The crazy holiday season has begun. It seems that every year big brands begin advertising their holiday sales earlier and earlier. You can already see Christmas ads on tv and decorations are starting to pop up around Fredericksburg. If you are a small local business, how do you keep up? How do you compete…
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Vehicle Wraps with Pure Graphix!

As you drive down the road each and every day, you notice more and more vehicle wraps. That is because using your personal or company vehicle to showcase your company or product has become the fastest growing trend in advertising and marketing. There are a few reasons for the explosion of vehicle wraps: 1. One…
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Importance of Design in Vehicle Wraps

It’s undeniable that vehicle wraps help build brand awareness, especially for local businesses. Vehicle wraps get thousands of views per day, especially in the Fredericksburg area with the amount of traffic. When that many people are seeing your vehicle per day, you want to make sure they are getting the information they need to get…
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